We founded Bags of Taste because evidence shows that cooking lessons don’t help people meet their long-term dietary goals – people go to them, enjoy them, then fall back into old habits.

We knew we had to do something different, so we designed a course based on meticulous research that delivers real results, effectively.  Our primary focus is on motivation, not skills- which is only an issue in a minority of cases.

Our research has identified the main barriers to cooking amongst people who are struggling with food costs – obviously, the cost is one of them, but by no means all of the stories, and we systematically break these down through the programme.  Sourcing and preparing healthy food is more difficult for those on the tightest budgets, so we’ve created recipes that cost less than £1 a portion to cook at home. Our classes show students where to find healthy, inexpensive ingredients, and we provide a bag with everything they need to cook their meals for 4 people at home – a Bag of Taste – for just £3!

Our latest evaluations for the NHS show that students save on average 25% on their food bills and because we’ve shown how easy and inexpensive it is to cook for yourself, they almost entirely stop eating takeaways. This translates into an average household saving of £1,400 per year, and we’ve also seen many people shed stones in weight into the bargain!

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